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Tech Designers Don’t Perceive Seniors Important!

Technology For An Aging Population

We are witnessing unprecedented development and diffusion of technology into all aspects of everyday life. Currently computers, communications, safety, and health monitoring devices are being used to perform routine tasks and activities. The use of technology has become an integral component of work, education, communication, and entertainment. Read Article

To date, however, evidence shows that the potential benefits of technology for older adults has not been realized. The widespread use of technology in the larger society suggests that the lack of technology use among older adults will have increasingly negative implications.

Older adults have largely been ignored as a viable group by designers of technology systems. Although older people will have more technology experience in the future, they may still have problems adopting or negotiating technologies with new features unless systems designers perceive older adults as an important user group and take their needs into account. The age-related digital divide could be closed if efforts are focused on that goal. (These statements are very disturbing to me)

To date, however, 90 million smartphone users are in need of an effective way of learning to use high-tech devices. Current methods of instruction very ineffective because innovators do not take their needs into account.  This post has me literally begging for your support!

Help change how society learns how to use high-tech devices!


Apple iWatch 2014


Apple iWatch Thin Bracelet Concept 2014

Introduced in early 2013, now the concept is bracelet but the manufacturer is not committed to this yet.  Focus appears to be on how comfortably the device sits on the wrist and not on functionality within the screen.  The Apple style will definitely be on display in the Apple iOS and this is a very impressive concept model. (As if anyone expected less)