Increasing Understanding of Technology and Communication

“Master Level High-Tech Webinars” Indiegogo Campaign


Years ago a person could acquire all necessary life skills with or without the computer and Internet, but that era has faded into history. today, those without Internet access or skills to properly use it, find it very difficult to gain the qualifications required to get ahead in life. Without a useful online identity, many employers won’t even consider someone, let alone read a hand-written resume or job application. The Digital Era abandons those without Internet access or digital skills to face ever–diminishing prospects.

‘Master Level High-Tech Webinars’ is a Hybrid Webinar service specifically designed for ease of access and effective assistance by utilizing proven Internet Communication Innovation and Methodologies. The goal is to provide universal assistance to individuals in the process of learning to use devices that connect to the Internet; computers, games and mobile devices such as a Smartphone or Tablet.

Everyone doesn’t require the Internet, and in some ways they can be considered fortunate. But for most of society, our very existence and wellbeing relies on computers, Internet and smart devices. To just find a job vacancy technology is a requirement, not to mention getting employed or holding on to it. The digital era has evolved to the point that even senior citizens must upgrade their skill-set just to maintain adequate communication with family members, medical services and pay bills.

In the 21st century everyone should have a way to connect online and find anything they need. But beyond Internet access are the challenges of acquiring the skills to properly use it. History has shown, this is not a task to take lightly and definitely not alone.

All devices that connect to the Internet, are not created equal. Today, uniqueness is literally a selling point and which many times is an integral part of device functionality.

We design a comprehensive webinar for each mobile device and scheduled on our website at and connecting to a webinar is made easy by simply activating an app with a tap or click.

With your support we can begin the narrowing of the digital divide while helping millions increase their quality of life.

Master Level High-Tech Webinars

Early Indiegogo Campaign Termination


We did not successfully communicate how serious the Digital Literacy issue is in the U.S. and world-wide at this time. This is evident by the lack of support for our campaign, so we are terminating it early, but we will be back.

When I first noticed the crisis level of digital literacy and created the website, discovery of such a volume of incidents that could have been avoided by increased digital literacy was very overwhelming. I was and still am, a novice at journalism and website design but do my very best.

But now as the website evolves its visitor numbers are constantly increasing which indicates communication is increasing and the word is getting out. I must admit that this endeavor requires patience and I have always been rather impatient.

I also realize that this isn’t a popular cause for current generations, even though they may have friends and acquaintances that aren’t very good at using a mobile device. Not to mention they may also have family members that may not be tech-savvy-pros.

But for followers and fans I apologize for the failure of this effort, but we will try again in the near future after numbers on the website become higher. After all when it comes to learning to use a mobile device, volunteers, family members and friends can only assist so much.

How serious is this issue? Critically serious. I do my best not to be morbid or extreme in detailing consequences of being on the wrong side of the digital divide. Please see the website about page. But the number of fatalities as a result of these consequences is totally unacceptable. Knowing how to fully use a mobile device in critical situations can save lives or reduce serious injuries before, during or after these incidents.

There is no need to wait until consequences reach epidemic proportions before addressing this issue.

Literacy in the Digital Divide must be addressed in an easily accessible effective manner that has yet to be provided.  An increase in Digital Literacy is needed not only for society but also for businesses in this era to thrive. It benefits us all for everyone to get a little tech-savvy.

Master Level High-Tech Webinars