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Leak Reveals Galaxy Note 7’s One Key Advantage


Putting aside the discussion over potential screen sizesdesign echoes of previous handsets, and the tweaks to Samsung’s Android UI, the upcoming phablet from the South Korean manufacturer has one key advantage over the rest of the Galaxy family which will help it stand out in the internal competition with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

The S-Pen.

As Samsung rationalizes its production chain, focuses on more cost-effective marketing, and looks to create a connected set of devices, it is only natural that the phablet is going to start looking more like the base handset and the innovative brother with the curved screen. The glass design, the iconography, the physical buttons, everything is played out the same field.

The Note range already has its fans, attracted by the larger screen and the highest possible specifications on a Samsung device. They are going to be very satisfied with the expected package, although it looks like the Note 7 is going to ship with the same 3600 mAh battery as the S7 Edge - which is lower than the hoped-for 4000 mAh. The challenge is not how to sell to the faithful, but how to reach beyond that group and boost sales of the device.

Although the S-Pen is not a new addition to the phablet, as the Note 7 design moves towards the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, it acts as a clear point of difference. The jump in screen size between the S7 Edge and the Note 7 is appreciable, but when you lay the handsets out on the retail shelves, only one of them will have a stylus fashionably lying over the touchscreen.

The perceived value of a stylus has grown over the last year. Both Microsoft (with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book) and Apple (with the iPad Pro’s Apple Pencil)  have pushed the idea of creativity and consumption of media with a stylus. Samsung might be forgiven for feeling a touch chagrined because it has been saying this for years, but the smart thing is turn this around to its own benefit.

The latest information is that the South Korean company will be doing just that. The S-Pen for the Note 7 will have improved BlueTooth LE hardware to allow for more accuracy and features to be utilized by the phablet. Air Command, which is triggered by the S-Pen, will have new options to create a better input experience without actually touching the screen.

The Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be announced on August 2nd, with an appearance in US, South Korean and European retail markets shortly afterwards.

Read Article (Ewan Spence | | 06/21/2016)

In an amazing age of technology, it’s so unfortunate that not everyone knows how best to use it to their best advantage.

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Samsung Wants You to buy New Phone Every Year


It’s a fairly common feeling, you get a new smartphone and are thrilled with it.  A year goes by, the new phones come out and that debate with yourself begins all over again.  Should you wait a year, or is it worth it to upgrade now?

Well, Samsung is trying to make it easier for some of its customers to make that grand decision, officially launching an upgrade program that makes it easy to trade in your old Samsung smartphone when a new one comes along.

The program appears to have launched in South Korea and in Britain.  Users are asked to agree to pay a small additional monthly fee – the price seems to vary by market – for 24 months when they buy their phone.  After 12 months, if their phone is in good condition, they can trade their old phone in for a new one.  This program is timed to activate with the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

A Samsung spokesperson said that the company doesn’t have any information to share about the launch of this program in the United States at this time.

Apple already has a similar program for the iPhone and many carriers also offer plans that let you upgrade your phone more frequently. But the benefit for smartphone makers to run these programs is quite clear: getting people signed up on their own upgrade plan gives them a better shot at a repeat consumer, repeatedly.  If you’re paying for and annual upgrade plan, chances are pretty good that you won’t be waiting two years before buying your next phone.

This scenario is particularly appealing to companies like Samsung, because of the current slow growth in the high-end smartphone market.  Consumers aren’t quite as excited as the used to be with new smartphone introductions, which have become more incremental rather than revolutionary lately.  Not only that, low-end smartphones are improving in overall quality, making them more appealing to those who don’t need to stay on the cutting edge of smartphone design.

Samsung has been hit particularly hard by the diminished enthusiasm for smartphones.  The company said in January during its quarterly earnings report, that it expects smartphone sales to be slow throughout the year.  While it did report a fairly strong holiday quarter for 2015, the company said its net profits had fallen 40% from the previous year.

Samsung’s new phones, however, have gotten rave reviews for combining the strengths of its most recent phones – metal construction, and an excellent camera – with some features it brought back from older models, such as expandable memory and water-resistance.  The new phones will officially go on sale Friday.

Read Article (Hayley Tsukayama | | 03/09/2016)

I must agree, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge just hit a home-run in the market.  And the new upgrade program even has me thinking.  We have already covered how mobile innovation has plateaued, which meant smartphone sales were going to do the same, so this is no surprise.

But many current owners of smartphones are still using their device as if it were just a cell-phone because of their limited skill-set.  We must stop expecting volunteers from high schools, colleges and non-profit organizations to address Digital Literacy alone.

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Concept Samsung Galaxy S7 Premium Quality


This Galaxy S7 Premium concept takes innovation to another level with a design that screams quality. The designer, Hasan Kaymak, is one of the best around, and this time has worked his imagination on next year’s Galaxy S7. This rendering is a beautiful piece of work, the slim handset appears to have an all-metal suit which befits its name. with an edge-to-edge display and chrome on the sides for a superior finish.

The speaker is positioned along the bottom edge beside a USB Type C port, and the phone retains a physical Home button and fingerprint sensor. To note an interesting touch with this creation is the long volume button on the side integrated with the power button. So users would control actions and navigate by pressing the button or sliding it up or down.

Specifications include a 5.2-inch display with resolution identical to that of Xperia Z5 Premium, and an Exynos 8890 or Snapdragon 820 processor. Sporting a 24-megapixel rear camera, and it surely would have nothing less than 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. All of which you would probably expect.

Included with these stunning design images is a video, that shows the handset from many different angles. This latest S7 design looks stunning and something like this from Samsung should really be greeted well by fans.

Read Article (Debbie Turner | | 11/30/2015)

It’s truly amazing how innovation continues to evolve. And anyone that is not tech-savvy or comfortable online, is on the wrong side of the Digital Divide and exposes themselves to consequences which sometimes are serious.

Please support our startup campaign beginning 12/14/2015, so that we may assist the process of learning to use products of technology.

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Trapezoidal Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept


Reports have started emerging online, from the ever-active rumor mill, about the next-generation Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and suggests that the company will be taking things a few notches higher. With these rumors and Samsung’s recent design patents for a curved top and bottom display screen, the folks at design studio 3DFuture used this info as a basis for designing this conceptual version of the new Galaxy S7 Edge, it's a bit unusual but definitely eye-catching.

The creators envision a novelty device with a new stylish trapezoidal appearance like nothing in current smartphone design. With this unique design there will definitely be no accusations about misappropriation of someone else’s style.

The body of this dramatic machine is made of metal, and the designer’s show off a curved screen. But in a departure from previous models, the concept shows edges being positioned on the lower and upper part of the screen, instead of the side as on a Galaxy S6 Edge. Also, the concept has no physical buttons on the top or bottom these are located on the handset’s sides.

Sporting a larger 5.7-inch screen hints at the possibility of 4K resolution support. This concept also envisions a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC and 4GB of RAM. Although a captivating design its uniqueness is also the reason Samsung may not be down-with-it.

Read Article (name | domain | 10/08/2015)

Most of us will probably agree that Samsung may not use such a radical design, but it’s getting harder & harder for phone companies to create something that sparks the “wow” factor.

Wow factor or not, it’s time to realize, a mobile device of tomorrow will require assistance when learning to use it (as if it doesn’t now).

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Are Smartphones Replacing Critical Thinking?


In the ancient world –when a phone was called a brick –terabytes of information were not available on sleek devices that fit in our pockets. Now we have iPhones and Samsung Galaxy’s that can quickly access essential and trivial facts of our daily lives, where once we had to remember all that stuff.

But new research shows device usage may be evolving into more than just convenience –they may be changing how we think.

“The brain in your pocket”, an article in the journal ‘Computers in Human Behavior’ is a study lead by Nathaniel Barr and Gordon Pennycook of the University of Waterloo Ontario says those who think more intuitively and less analytically are more likely to rely on technology. “That people typically forego effortful analytic thinking in lieu of fast and easy intuition suggests that individuals may allow their Smartphones to do their thinking for them.”

What’s the difference between Intuitive and Analytical thinking? They cite this problem: “A bat and ball cost $1.10 in total. The bat costs $1.00 more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?”

An intuitive response: The ball must cost 10 cents, right? Unfortunately, this response is obviously wrong -10 cents plus $1.10 equals $1.20, not $1.10. Only through analytic thinking can one arrive at the correct response: The ball costs 5 cents. (Confused? Five cents plus $1.05 equals $1.10.)

Avid Smartphone users seem to avoid this sort of analytical thinking. The researchers asked subjects how much they used their smartphones, then tested them to measure not just their intelligence, but how they processed information.

“Could you as effectively use knowledge on screen as someone who just knows it?” Barr said. The work “strongly suggests we should be trying to encode information ourselves rather than externally sourcing it.”

“The use of Smartphones …Raises many questions that cannot be ‘Googled’ for an answer.”

Read Article (Justin Wm. Moyer | | 03/12/2015)

In other words, don’t let your mobile device consume (assimilate) you, your life should not revolve around a device -it revolves around you. Think about it! Also think about the majority of society that use a smartphone only as a Cell-Phone, in hopes of one day learning its full functionality.

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