Increasing Understanding of Technology and Communication

Independent Seniors

Independent Seniors – The Lively App

This app comes with sensors which are placed on objects in the home such as pill bottles, doors, cabinet or refrigerator. They detect when the resident is taking medication, getting food or leaving home and no internet connection is required.  Signals are sent to Lively’s website for family members and caregivers to monitor.

A great App for the independent senior and family members.

90 million smartphone users don’t know how to download an App. Current methods and/or formats of instruction are ineffective or have just failed.  User manuals or videos have not met requirements for today’s mobile technology.

Change how society learns to use high-tech devices

Apple iWatch 2014


Apple iWatch Thin Bracelet Concept 2014

Introduced in early 2013, now the concept is bracelet but the manufacturer is not committed to this yet.  Focus appears to be on how comfortably the device sits on the wrist and not on functionality within the screen.  The Apple style will definitely be on display in the Apple iOS and this is a very impressive concept model. (As if anyone expected less)


Bracelets for Lovers


Synchronized Bracelets For Lovers

The Tap Tap Bracelet for Lovers is a very interesting device project.  It adds more intrigue to the private world of lovers.  With the bracelet you can alert your soul mate to your feelings by means of vibrations.  Vibration signals Tap Tap will send only to one bracelet as they are sold in pairs.  The developers want to create a world accessible to only two people.  Tap Tap Bracelet is created from hypoallergenic silicone & has Bluetooth connectivity for smartphones. The project was successfully funded on Kickstarter 05/31/2013.  After raising over $500,000, product delivery was to begin April 2014. Help Social City Net instruct high-tech device usage


Heritage Language Imagine getting a mobile device as a gift …you’re a senior or non-techie and English is your second language.  That situation puts learning to use a mobile device in an entirely different light doesn’t it? This is why we will be offering webinar classes in different languages as soon as possible.  Social City Net can address these issues and help millions with your contribution. You can really make a difference by contributing